What is “Connected Reality”?

The world around us is changing. Everything is becoming more connected. With close to 200B devices and sensors connected to the network, and over 4B smart phones and tablets in our hands we have reached an historic inflection point where we are all in touch with each other and our worlds in real time.

Yet, a great irony of this age is that the very devices we have built to connect the world, have isolated us. We are umbilically connected to our mobile phones, but detached from our neighbours. We check our weather app a dozen times a day, but forget to look out the window. icejam’s mission is to create a new game genre firmly at the intersection of the real world and the game world. For the first time in history it is possible to deliver a wealth of information from your daily life into your game in real time. From the crackle live lightning storms, to the procession of the stars; we are blurring the edges. We call this Connected Reality.

The Playable Data™ Engine

If Connected Reality is the experience, then the patent pending Playable Data Engine is our platform to deliver that experience. With it, we can collect, analyze, validate, and transform personal device contextual data (location, time, sound, light, movement) with real world data streams (weather, maps, traffic, markets and more) into ground breaking new connected reality game design.


Connected Reality drives Game Design

Connected Reality offers a myriad of new exciting game design options. For example, if it’s raining outside where you are, we can make it rain in your personalized version of your game. If it’s past sunset where you are, your nocturnal creatures can come alive. If you climb enough flights of stairs, you can unlock the next level. We can help you sense “disturbances” in the ebb and flow of life forces that surround us all. Traffic flows, market changes, noise or light levels…the possibilities are only limited by the game designer’s imagination.

Welcome to the world of Connected Reality.